Rural Municipality of Bengough No. 40

Open Fire Ban Order


Take Notice that effective Wednesday October 6th, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. a Fire Ban has been issued for all lands within the Rural Municipality of Bengough No. 40 boundary.

The Fire Ban will be reviewed as necessary.

No burning of any kind shall take place while this Fire Ban is in effect.  This shall include but is not exclusive to: incinerators not on a gravel or concrete pad, fireworks & open fires including fire pits, fire rings or screened fire pits or rings.

Contravention of this order shall be subject to the penalties as set out in the General Penalty Bylaw of the Rural Municipality of Bengough No. 40 in accordance with The Fire Restriction Bylaw No. 37.2016

The cost of fire prevention, suppression and emergency response services shall be charged directly on the persons who receive the service during the period of this Fire Ban.

This order is hereby authorized and effective on the date noted above:



Eugene Hoffart                                      Karl Nergard
Reeve                                                      Councillor